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 otoplasty surgeons and how they helped me.

      I’m a 20 something year old and best age for otoplasty surgery a guy who once ran around with long hair all the time. It covered my ears so there wasn’t much of a problem. I grew up a little bit and got into a field of work where I am required to look professional. Then i looked at cosmetic surgery for ears that    stick out then i looked at having your ears pinned back and otoplasty results online.

So again my ears came out of hiding, it was annoying as hell. For about 3 years I was miserable, I felt like I did back in middle/elementary school. So I made this new account to post my experiences of getting my ears pinned back, I hope this will help somebody out there.

Otoplasty surgeons Quotations.

1st surgeon:
Quoted: £3900.

 #2: surgeon
Quoted: £5000.00

#3: £250.00 for consultation

Quoted: £8100.00

I was willing to pay around 6-7k to have this problem fixed.

I’m not going to badmouth any of these doctors, So i’ll skip the negative stuff and go straight to what is important here.

I chose #2 for many reasons.

It all started when I emailed him on a Saturday night. He replied back a few hours later and offered to schedule my consultation, I actually handled almost all of my scheduling with him through email.

Anyway I go in and the otoplasty surgeons sits me down looks me over like a regular doctor would, just like a regular check up.

After he describes in detail how he would perform the surgery we go to his computer and he shows me dozens of surgeries that he has performed. Before and after photos takes and further explained the anatomy of the ear.

how long I would be out of work and basically at the end of the consultation I didn’t have anything to ask him because he talked about everything.

That’s another thing, he talks a lot! ha ha I think its good though. He was very professional and to me it was clear that he wanted to provide a legitimate service at a reasonable price for the . I didn’t get this vibe from any of the other otoplasty surgeons I spoke with.

So I picked him, Scheduled a preoperative visit to make payment. My parents were there for support and they asked him a few questions. My family very much did not want me to do this but they eventually understood.

So I dropped the £5000.00

Surgery Day.

It was Cosmetic ear surgery and in the morning i met with the otoplasty surgery I took my antibiotics and was nervous as hell… It all started with disinfecting the area with several different kinds of pastes and stuff I don’t know.

otoplasty surgeons
otoplasty surgery before and after

Before I knew it he was at work and I couldn’t feel a damn thing but I knew what he was doing.so the good old doc was working at my cartilage at some point.

I could feel blood dropping down my neck but it didn’t really bother me.

The total surgery lasted well over 4 hours which was weird. He spent a lot of time on my first ear. He took a lot of time in general, like he didn’t rush at all..  There was also another resident doctor assisting him. So I had two otoplasty surgeon in there the entire time.

Towards the end of the surgery I started feeling a little bit of pain so I needed more shots.

The pain killers made me puke so I stopped taking them the 2nd day, The pain wasn’t all that bad.

A week later I had stitches removed and everything was and still is looking good, I can finally wear baseball hats and getting a haircut isn’t a depressing experience anymore.